A story of expansion, growth and diversification

The M+Q Granit AG group, dedicated to the trading of marble and granite, was formed in the 1930s. The history of M+Q Granit AG is one of a multinational company that after more than 80 years of dedication to its activity, continues to maintain its prestige and leadership, investing its human resources, and technical and economic expertise to offer top quality products.

As the market becomes increasingly more demanding and competitive, the group has expanded to offer new materials and services and increased its presence on an international scale. The company has become one of the most referential multinationals in the world with representation in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, the USA and Poland.

At the end of the 1990s, the group was established in Spain. Following their foundation, M+Q España dedicated their activity to marketing blocks of raw granite from their installations in Tui (Pontevedra). Once this service to the processing companies (mainly located in Galicia), had been consolidated, M+Q España opted to diversify the company and widen their offer of products. As such, in 2002 the company installed an exhibition centre in the province of Alicante, to market all kinds of marble and other natural stone worldwide.

M+Q España is currently undergoing a process of geographical expansion, and the Alicante branch is operating in several countries, where they offer an integral service from extraction to distribution, and a wide variety of materials. M+Q España has thus begun its launch into emerging markets, where they have generated an important demand for marble in Spain, and have really highlighted the quality of stone extracted from Spanish quarries.